"At TIC we ensure that our MEP designs are as per the client requirement and abide by the civil engineering standards like ASHRE (HVAC).”

Our company is a leading provider of (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) MEP design services. We work on projects across a broad range of applications including residential and commercial buildings, government offices, educational institutions, infrastructural facilities, multi facility buildings, retail outlets and shopping malls, computer data centers, Restaurants and hotels, libraries etc.

Mechanical electrical and plumbing design is an important part of the construction supply chain. It aids design decision making, construction planning and management. Additionally MEP design using CAD capabilities, is also a great documentation in itself, and proves to be extremely handy and beneficial while taking up renovation and repair work for a facility.

We use Computer aided design and drafting tools, for making calculations, to develop high precision MEP designs and for equipment selection.